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Company TOPLING d.o.o. Prnjavor was founded in 1993. It grew out of engineering office whose business activity was design and central heating installations.

After the foundation, there were five employees in the office, today the Company employs 165 workers. The Company relies on its own research and engineering branch for which seven employees with university degrees are responsible. At the beginning, the company used to produce electric and hot water boilers, which were mostly used for central heating systems of smaller dwelling units, family houses, business premises and smaller production units.

Following the market, taking into consideration the needs of our surrounding we lived in, we realized that we could respond to the market needs only with our own strategy. Therefore, together with the manufacturing of hot water boilers we stared to produce oval and round tanks for light fuel oil, hot water calorifiers, water heaters made of stainless steel, etc. Every production has undergone a great deal of change, so it is ours.

Today, our Company copes with international market, primarily due to new manufacturing programs KPR, BTA,SASP (Sawdust Automatic Burning System) which is in compliance with CE standards and BIOTOPLING, boiler series, which use pellet as fuel... Topling today, in addition to the domestic market, its products in the markets of Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Holand, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, F.Y.R.O.M. , Romania, France, Italy.




The  firebox belongs  to  the  group  of  Counter  flow fireboxes;  such construction  enables  thecombustion of very wet fuels over 60%.

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These boilers work on the principle or partial pyrolysis, by which is enabled high efficiency and flue gas emission reduction,

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Hot water boiler ''BIOTOPLING'' is intended for central heating system of smaller residential units, family houses, business premises, 

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