SASP Sawdust Automatic Burning System

These boilers work on the principle or partial pyrolysis, by which is enabled high efficiency and flue gas emission reduction, which meets European standards. System is automatic, as a fuel uses wood (woodchips), sawdust, crushed branches. Such machines are used in wood industry for heating the driers, production halls, and recently, there is an interest to use this type of boilers for central heating in the cities, with installation of several boiler stations. Taking into account that wood industry waste is used as the energy, and thermal energy is far cheaper than the thermal energy from energy generating products, which are (mostly) used in city heating plants.

This type of boiler is in the range from 150 to 2000kW. The plant consists of the following components:

Hot water boiler receives gasses from the gasificator. From the passing by of the gasses throught the boiler, heat transfer to the boilers water. In the gasificator the partial pyrolysiation of the biomass is done that means that the hot gasses which are produced, entered the firebox which consists of a thick layer of thermobeton that accumulates heat, delivers it in the air and later, after being heated heads to various places towards the gasificator and participates in the combustion of biomass.

Silo from biomass can have various sizes and shapes the depend on various needs and available space

Biomass is transported from the silos by screw feeders or hydraulic pistons

Control Panel through the PLC provides managment and supervision of the powerplant.

Multicyclon seperates solids from the stream of flue gasses which the ventilator directs through the flue ducts to the chimney.